Restorative Justice

The Center for Restorative Justice is a program utilized by the Wayne County Municipal Court. Referrals to this program are overseen by Angela Schaad of the Probation Department.


MRT Program

Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) Program
As budgets limit jail space, jail populations need to be reduced. Research shows a reduced rate of recidivism among individuals who successfully complete the MRT program. In an effort to address jail overcrowding, seven employees from the Wayne County Municipal Court are certified to facilitate MRT groups.


HOPE Court

HOPE (Helping Offenders Prosper Effectively) Court
HOPE Court is a specialized docket to assist mentally ill defendants in leading stable, safe, and law-abiding lives in our community.

HOPE Court is designed to divert offenders away from jail and into mental health treatment which is monitored by the Court.

The goals of the program are to keep participants psychiatrically stable and crime free by assisting them in making healthy changes and better choices in their lives.

The HOPE Court team develops a treatment plan based on the participant’s needs.


Jury Duty

Wayne County Municipal Court
If your name is drawn for jury service in the Wayne County Municipal Court the term will last for two months. You may expect to be called one or two times during the term of service. Very rarely does a jury trial in this Court last longer than one day.

The summons will direct you to call 330-287-5662 after 5:00 p.m. the day prior to your appearance.

If you are hearing impaired, please inform the Bailiff when arriving for jury duty. Please make arrangements for lunch in the event you are seated on the jury.